The 10 things that go without saying

1. Normal people that can be vulnerable – if you treat them with love, they will get the feeling that you love them – and they will love you in return; if you don’t give love to them, then they will not love you in return – if you are mean to them, they will hate you; and depending on their personality type either take vengeance immediately, passive aggressively do it later, or just cut you out of their life.

2. As is obvious, if the Creator of this entire virtual reality has a suggestion, it is infinitely valuable to take!

3. The Creator told us, apart from the general 613 Commandments for Jews and seven Noahide Commandments for gentiles, that there is a Rebbe / Moses of every generation, and His wisdom comes directly from the Creator – in our generation it is the Rebbe who stood for many things:

1. He stood for universal love and kindness.

2. He stood for dedicating Our lives to doing the will of God.

3. He stood for fulfilling God’s Commandments.

4. He stood for having an imminent belief, in the imminent arrival of the Messiah.

5. He stood for the vital importance of moral education, namely the above-mentioned principles based on the fact that God obligates us – for unless the principles of morality are based on God, they are too flimsy to stand.

6. He stood for the power of positivity.

7. Last but not least, He stood for the power of thinking big, doing big, and never being afraid.

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