The 10 fundamentals to keep life in an awesome constant

Let’s use an example of a tree

1. Number one, the first and foremost thing that the tree needs is actually, stability

The tree roots itself in the ground, firmly establishing its security.

In a similar sense we must know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are safe.

If we are placing our trust in man or mankind that’s obviously either an illusion or delusion; and therefore, the only source which will make you infinite, is the fact that who you are is not your temporary body but you’re literally infinite soul.

2. The second most important factor of the tree is quite simple that it must breathe, it must drink, and through photosynthesis it must eat – in our case, all of those must be the right proportions and of-course healthy – because all of our cells are completely recreating and only through good building blocks, you have good buildings.

3. The Third very important factor of a tree which is not necessarily known, is that the tree is always growing, in fact if you God-forbid cut off is outer circle it will die; and so too spiritually, emotionally, intelligently, we must always be advancing, and there is nothing to stop that, for it is within YOU.

4. The fourth thing about the tree is that – again this is not well known – trees communicate with each other through networks called mycelium, which are effectively bacteria-based tunnels that the roots connect between one another and they transfer helpful information, such as if there is an attack by a bug and to make an anti-bacterial etc. – similarly we are interconnected to everyone, and therefore we must learn from everyone, and be a role model to everyone.

5. The 5th greatness of the tree is the tree offer shade to wayfarers – it allows those who wish to come to it a place; and so too we must always have a place in our hearts or homes for those in need.

6. The next amazing thing about a tree of-course is a nourishing fruit that it provides, and these are the acts of individual focus of what is the essential meaning of MY life – for each one of us has a unique gift, to offer to the world.

7. The next amazing thing about trees of-course is that within the fruit is contained a seed, and so when we offer these gifts – we should not think that we are merely expending energy… but rather each person shall carry forward our gift indefinitely!

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