Hashgachah Pratis means, as that the Baal Shem Tov teaches, that everything that we see and hear is a lesson – in other words, not only does G-d continually recreate every atom continuously (as science has discovered!) not only does G-d control all events! – but most importantly – as is obvious, we (the Neshomah,) are observers; and the observations (which we can choose to see as natural incidents or) are Divinely organized in such a fashion that if we seek inspiration – not only can we gain inspiration and life-lessons from G-d’s constant revelation in the Torah – but also in what would otherwise seem mundane. – Finally Hashgachah Pratis also makes us understand that if there is a Mitzvah (good-deed etc.) that comes into our observation – that is not really a choice (or not) it’s a direct request! (Mission! – Perhaps the reason we existQ! As the Baal Shem Tov teaches: “A soul may live seventy, eighty years for the sole purpose, to help another physically, and certainly spiritually!!”)

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