Maagid on Vayeira

  •  The Medrash says, that in the merit that Avrohom told the Malachim (angels) “rest under the trees” – his children merited the Mitzvah of Sukkah.

Now we know, it states, “the Tree of Life was in middle of the Garden.”

Now it is known, the Tree of Life represent the higher name of G-d, called Haveyeh.

So in other words, the name Havayeh is in middle of the Garden (in Hebrew Gan (Garden) is the numerical equivalent of 53.)

This means G-d enclothes Himself within the 53 Torah portions.

G-d actually enclothes Himself within all speech (for all needs the Divine to operate.)

Now there are many layers of concealment, concealing the Divinity (for when I speak, you may not sense Divinity… – but me.)

The Zohar says, “one who has eyes can see” – that within the stories of the Torah are deep Divine lessons.

So this was what Avrohom was teaching the Angels who appeared as people, to always peer into the depth (the lesson – not just the appearance, the physical.)

The essence of all things is God.

23. We know the world is created from speech, and speech is created from thought, so when God revealed Himself to a prophet, He elevated him to the level of thought – which is why they saw an image of man – for that is the quality of a man.

So God would humble Himself into such an appearance.

25. During the Akeidah, Avrohom took on the midah of Yitzchok (namely, love went into strength-fear) and Yitzchok who was completely inspired, took the Midah of Avrohom (namely, the fear of God in Yitzchok, turned to love.)

26. Though in-nature we cannot both love and fear – so if you say, fear a snake, you don’t love it; and if you see the good in something, you don’t fear it; however when it comes to God, who is the source of everything, and in the point of source, there can be opposites – both simultaneously.


Hashgachah Pratis means, as that the Baal Shem Tov teaches, that everything that we see and hear is a lesson – in other words, not only does G-d continually recreate every atom continuously (as science has discovered!) not only does G-d control all events! – but most importantly – as is obvious, we (the Neshomah,) are observers; and the observations (which we can choose to see as natural incidents or) are Divinely organized in such a fashion that if we seek inspiration – not only can we gain inspiration and life-lessons from G-d’s constant revelation in the Torah – but also in what would otherwise seem mundane. – Finally Hashgachah Pratis also makes us understand that if there is a Mitzvah (good-deed etc.) that comes into our observation – that is not really a choice (or not) it’s a direct request! (Mission! – Perhaps the reason we existQ! As the Baal Shem Tov teaches: “A soul may live seventy, eighty years for the sole purpose, to help another physically, and certainly spiritually!!”)