The ten absolutes

  1. The absolute truth, the truth of which there is no other, is that the only real existence – for there is no existence that caused it (other than somehow itself – though what the existence is no one can ever fathom) is the First Existence – the Creator of all subsequent existences.

  2. As everything else is a creation, it stands to reason, that the other absolute is, that nothing actually exists – not that in our reality it doesn’t have a dimension – but because its dimensions, themselves, are creations, and as everything that didn’t exist (say blowing a piece of paper, causing it to sway…) must have continuous force (your blowing…) to bring it into existence, hence (as science has proven, that atoms continuously reappear!) The First Cause Is Continually Causing All Causes.
  3. So the only absolute then, is what the first cause, who not being limited by any limitation, has told us – this revelation of course a. comes in many stages – one of the first (and in fact only revealed to all of humanity – or a nation in humanity (for all other religions claim a revelation to an individual, or a few… except one, which claims there was a revelation to 50,000 people but they all died : ) is the giving of the Torah! – So the First Cause gave us a moral code – this is critically important! – In addition within the Torah was a secret – for the Torah can be understood on four levels – the highest, Secret, contains how the universe actually functions.

  4. Based on the secret wisdom – Kabbalah (which they are many “charlatans of it…” ) : there are actually a number of principles – of-course as mentioned all choices of the First Cause… – The first, based on the first Kabbalistic book written by Abraham called Sefer Yetzira is that fundamentally all reality is included in three – “time, space and soul” – time of-course is the ability to perceive sequence – space of-course is the ability to move, and soul is the actual perceiver – experiencer.

  5. Now every soul is a combination primarily of two – it has a mind (to think ) and a heart to feel – only a human (and angels) have an independent mind! – Hence as opposed to an  animal whose feelings instruct (their somewhat genius) mind (how to get what they want – usually a desire toward pleasure or fear of pain) the human can also redirect by concluding what is worth wanting!!

  6. To top it off, as God wants us to achieve the Messianic revelation, in which infinite blessings of light, happiness, love etc. etc. will be bestowed,! He causes demons – evil angels to be born – these are malicious creatures who not only seek our harm, but by enticing us to sin (such as wasting semen, forbidden relations, anger… – it gives (in fact creates them.)

  7. As God also desires that we should freely choose good over evil, therefore He created that after millennia of stupid wars – people (after two world-wars, and millions of dead Jews etc.) people would prefer (as game theory teaches – we change when the pain is worse then the narcissistic pleasure) peace. – And in this newfound era of tolerance, the thinking mind, seeking truth, would, like the first Jew Abraham, form a new type of reality, One In Which God Becomes His/Her Personal Guide.

  8. Furthermore this does not take us into some kind of nihilism / nirvana, rather on the contrary, it fulfils the great objective of all, love – for the less concerned we are with selfish predilections, the more able we are to be selfless.

  9. In summary, all of the teachings of God will always remain – selfish stupid arrogance and its by-product, greed, jealousy, and hate, will disappear.

Last but not least, as God determines His world, there will be a messianic revelation – VERY SOON.! – in which the Lubavitcher Rebbe, and all the great Tzaddikim will return (eventually all Jewish and good gentile dead will rise) the third Holy Temple already built in the sky will descend – magic clouds will transport all Jews, their homes, possessions etc. to Jerusalem (it appears all Synagogues, even those buried will reappear and Jerusalem will be a metropolis of Synagogues – every Jew will receive (as the first time the Jews entered Israel, a beautiful portion ) and equally as important husband, and wife (first marriage – sorry : )0 will unite, in an eternal bliss and from one holy union, hundreds of thousands of offsprings (1 a day, but grown up in 9 hours… – souls holier than Adam!) will cause, that for every Jewish couple a nation!,
And the world will flock to Jerusalem AND HEAVEN AND EARTH SHALL BE ONE.