Did I tell you… – “what?” – “I can’t believe… – you see, once I met my great grandfather – I went back 100 years ago, – you know in the span of time, a hundred years is like a single year…” – and I said to him “Zaidy” – “My grandson, How nice to see you!!” – “Tell, what is life like a 100 years from now” – “Oy!” – “Oy! what?!” said he, with deep furrows burrowing into his sagacious forehead… – “are the Cossacks making pogroms?” – “What Cossacks?” – “Thank God… you don’t know!” – “Tell me – is there a hunger?” – “What hunger…?” – He looked at me a little quizzically – and he seemed to concentrate a bit… – “I know… it must be that the king in your age has come up with another bizarre onerous decree…: (” – “What’s a king…?” – Now he seemed totally surprised “Tell me, Do you not have a king/?” – “No, Zaidy, in my age we elect officials.” – “Ah so… no dictator dictating every detail…?!” – “No, Zaidy; but those officials sometimes are corrupt : (“ – Man, I never saw a man laugh so hard : ) : ) – “Give me a million corrupt officials over one dictator any day!!” said Zaidy – “So tell me, you didn’t seem to know what hunger is…” – “No Zaidy, we have all kinds of pesticides, GMOS, gluten, and even preservatives! : (” – “So you mean to tell me, that you have every food and drink possible but because you can’t control yourself you blame someone else…” – I looked a little ashamed, “Well sort of, Zaidy…” – “And just one last question – ‘Your telling me that Jews are free…?’” – “Yes, Zaidy.” – “So I imagine you use every reason to celebrate!!!” – Do you ?

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