Succinct summary of what societies suspect

A society is a group of people who have a similar worldview

Generally speaking if we go from largest to smallest

Christians believe in God and the prophets of Moses, the prophets of the Bible, as well as they believe that Jesus was either a prophet or a incarnation, and that though God chose the Jewish people, if they are good they too can be saved; as well as some modern Christians called evangelicals believe that the Jews have always been chosen, but they too through good can be chosen

The Muslims, the next largest group, that I am not much expert on believe that and I apologize if you’re one of them, but you know that what I am saying is true, Moses and the prophets of the Bible were true, however the actual words of the Bible were mistaken and Muhammad came along and his Quran is the only truth – and of-course there is the five pillars of Islam as well as the sixth being jihad : (

The next largest group are the Hindus which as it has idolatry I do not wish to go into it

The next largest group are the Buddhists and I’m far from an expert

The next largest group are the Jews who believe not only in the prophets and the prophecies but also have a deep mysticism

Last but not least, there are always non-believers, who driven by instinctual, usually sexual desires, though sometimes like by Hitler based on repression and anger, pure sadism; and as we’re seeing today a bit of a mix – the so-called liberal / radical belief systems, but to be fair, what they themselves are, as all people, by nature, Divinely ordained with an extraordinary compassionate beautiful soul – however through disinformation, much of their belief system, such as the sake sacredness of being gay, or any other perverted…. whereas normal productive life-sustaining marriage is not celebrated, and many of its other evil ideas, like anti-israel, anti-west, anti-capitalism which are self-destructive evil ideas – for these are all constructive ideas!, have actually been infected by soviet Disinformation

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