The first man was Adam- God told him one law, he broke it, and hence the world; the second great man was Noah, God told him to build an ark – he did – he came out of it, and got drunk – it would seem man has to contend with their selfish (lustful) instinct – but then comes a super-man – his name is Abraham – he like we, were seekers – growing up in the prosperity of ancient Ur – looking for the meaning of life – he first discovers that there is a Creator – as the Medrash tells us – it is like one who comes to a beautiful palace – “can it be, there was no architect?!” – then God comes to Abraham and says “Leave – abandon all previous conception and paradigm – everything you think is real – for if you seek to live with me, there is but a single mechanism” – you see it is this mechanism – the ability to listen, to hear – as we say in our daily fundamental prayer, “Hear Jewish people that the God that transcends all of reality, is simultaneously within.”

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