10 general facts of Life is: first and foremost before anything existed which means, it is beyond time and space, hence in a way always existing but not with any form – is of-course the First Cause – the First Cause looked into the future, and saw us, like a parent envisioning, but because in the First Cause, potential and actual are the same – He actually saw us – this caused a tremendous love – from this love, the desire to give us a meaningful life ensued, and in order for life to be meaningful, there has to be a challenge – for that which an individual does not achieve through difficulty is meaningless, and to do this, He created a universe, which is a time space dimension, in which Souls, which are parts of Him, born into bodies, hence identifying with their bodies, and seeing the universe through their five senses, and imagining that to have independent existence… – therefore together with the fact that there are so many people, so many bodies, so much stupidity, so much fear… that it is easy for, instead of following one’s higher Soul-self, to copy and become a animalistic, hedonistic, selfish, and unfortunately often sadistic… and when we are capable of seeking, then the First Cause will FIND, and between our mind and His advice, we will infinitely grow ourselves and one another

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