It is obvious that there’s no compelling reason that forces God, rather the only reason to do something you don’t have to do is of course because you want to – so the 10 reasons and “benefits” that God gets from reality, is first of all when you love someone you just unconditionally give, second of all when you love, you love love – and therefore the world is about the male female union, about the union between the Jewish people, in fact the union between all people, in fact the union between everything that God created – for we’re all creations of God, we’re all meant to develop by serving God, we’re meant to develop ourselves, and when you love someone, you get pleasure from their self-development; and ultimately because it’s all about Unity, therefore it also has to be all in a humble way, which means you have to understand that there’s an infinite power, which can literally elevate us to ecstasy, or denigrate us to humiliation – as all of history has shown, and our goal is to continuously add in the realm of goodness and kindness

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