The ten ways to perceive you

The way we perceive ourselves as my good friend Dr Kulik, a preeminent psychiatrist says, goes to the heart of what we do, for it defines subconsciously who we are

  1. God – God’s opinion on how you should perceive yourself was written clearly in the Bible – “man is created in my image..” – this means, like God we possess a good-heart, like God we possess   independent thinking, like God we have the ability with words to create, and finally, like God we have free choice – so knowing that you are a “God,” should make you both infinitely proud and infinitely responsible!
  2. Animal – many are the theories, be it atheism (others…) that want you to believe, you are a homo-sapain – just an intelligent monkey… – you know why, they hate responsibility! – they would rather imagine we are monkeys; for then a. we can be as immoral as possible (the problem with these theories, is that they need safety, so they b. “have a fantasy” – as chief rabbi of England, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks said in a TED talk – “that somehow they can elect a selfless leader” from the animals – but if we are animals, the leader shall so too act.)
  3. Rebbe – obviously the Rebbe is the fulfillment of God – as He is like Moses, a messenger – however an important adjunct to who we are – is what we must do! – “Everyone…” teaches the Rebbe – from the Mishna “…is created to serve their Creator.” – for a Jew, the 613 Mitzvos (commandments) for a Gentile, the 7 Noihade laws – for us all: Goodness and Kindness In Increasing Measures

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