The Rebbe On How A. You Are Moshiach B. Divine C. How To Bring Moshiach

  1. Well known it is that the unique approach of Chabad (unlike other Poilishe Chassidus that believe that “the radiance of the Tzaddik enlivens”) that the Tzaddik acts as a catalyst, whereby each individual should be completely permeated with the Divine presence.

The mechanism through which this is done is firstly the Rebbe gives energy to the Shluchim – sent the world over – to enliven the soul – so they too, should become Shluchim, emissaries of light (shine from within).

  • The purpose of everything of-course is Dirah Bitachtionim, namely, God desires to dwell below, as in His own home.

The mechanism to do so, is God created one nation as a Holy nation – He gave them His Holy Torah and Mitzvos – He furthermore sent their souls to earth, and when they keep Torah and Mitzvos, and not only thereby make themselves Holy, but bring Godliness to those in their vicinity, to the extent wherever they can (like Avraham did,) then they cause that Moshiach – which is the revelation of God worldwide shall occur.

This is also why the Gematriah (numerical equivalent) of Moshiach is Shliach + 10.

To be a Shliach – messenger, one must have two – 1. They have to have a similarity to the messenger, giver (a dog can’t deliver say a speech…) in this case, the Jew is given a Divine soul – part of God, the inner life-force – then, they must be appointed by the sender, which in this case the Previous Rebbe (the leader of the generation – as the Rebbe reffered to the Rebbe previous,) has appointed each and every Jew as a Shaliach – emissary from God, to reach all Jews.

  • The Previous Rebbe appointed special people to reach all the Jewish people – by lighting up another Jew, as the philosophy of Chabad, then the Jew must himself become a Shaliach.

Must evoke his own Divine soul, and use his ten soul powers to help another Jew.

Doing this in fact makes the individual Moshiach.

As Moshiach is the essence – the Yechidah Hacklalis – the encompassing Yechida (essential soul, where all Jewish souls come from) and the Rebbe of the generation of-course is the Yechidah Haklalis.

As we know, an emissary becomes the sender – therefore the Jew who works to fulfil the Rebbes’ directives, namely Moshiach’s directives – for every generation has a Moshiach – someone sent by God – therefore that individual becomes the Rebbe/Moshiach.

  •  As stated in the holy book Meor Ainayim (who was a disciple of the Baal Shem Tov and then the Maagid) “Every Jew has a part of the soul of Moshiach  – Yechida in him” (just as every Jew has part of the soul of Mosses in him.)

When we express this in our ten soul abilities – actually reaching out to other Jews, then like turning on a pilot light, this becomes who we become.

  • Every single Jew is given this part of God – Yechidah – the spark of Moshiach, in order to bring Moshiach which is the sole goal.

When we fan this flame, to be who we actually are, this brings Moshiach.

  •  One may wonder, how could I through revealing my inner Moshiach bring the entire redemption?

It is known the teaching of the Baal Shem Tov that something that is indivisible (for some things can / t be divided) when you have a part of it, you have the whole thing.

Hence the spark of God is the entire Divinity.

  • The Rambam writes, that one should constantly see the world as equally balanced, and my next good-deed, will immediately tip the balance and bring Moshiach.

We see from this, a small good deed can make the difference.

Once again, we must recall that everything that exists has a Divine essence – it is this essence that causes it to continually come out of nothingness.

  • This is a Jew’s mission, to spread the awareness that our essence is God.

    This is as it state about Abraham, that he got the whole world to realize, not only there is a God, but everything is.
  • Every single Jew – whether they are more or less believe in this – the bottom line is, You Are A Shaliach! – Emissary of God To Spread Godliness, Spreading The 613 Mitzvos, Including The Study About Moshiach… as the two chapters in the conclusion of Rambam (all about Moshiach, and that Moshiach is a living person (as we know, every generation has a Moshiach ready to take us out.)

  • Of-course the Torah way of influencing (and the only effective,) is to do so in peaceful, loving and kind encouragement.

  • If a person has any doubt if he is a Shaliach – this is Amalek, the Gematiah of safek  – the only reason he has a doubt (and in fact isn’t certain) is because God wishes for him to have the next Mitzvah, of beating Amalek!

  • This is the connection of Simchas Torah to Moshiach (as it says, on this day Moshiach will come ) for Simchas Torah is the idea of joy – joy breaks boundaries, and one must break through self-imposed limitations!

    Realize that they are Divine, they are Moshiach! and so cause.