1. We cannot live alone – to have friends, you have to read my book Kabbalah -Love (kabbalahlove.org) You see we all love, love – and we all hate, hate. –
    We also have an ego (self-esteem which is good ! ) and so when we have been humiliated (and as we assume that one person, is the outside world, hence, all people think like that… or at least many…) so now we fear; –
    Fear and love are opposites – Love is an attraction, fear causes retraction –
    In the end of the day to overcome fear you must have faith –
    Faith = Safety
    (Fear = Danger)
    Read https://kabbalahwisdom.org/rabbi-bechayas-classic-gateway-to-trusting-god/

    This cannot be overemphasized, as the famous adage told by Elijah the prophet to Reb Eliezer and then to his son who became the Baal Shem Tov – the founder of all Jewish inspiration:
    Fear no-one, nor anything, but God, and love everyone unconditionally – judge never.

  2. Often in life we are angry – anger is as the Baal Shem Tov called it, negative fear – to overcome anger, you need to use the Baal Shem Tov’s advice: “If you can see the good in the bad, the bad will turn to good” – try to see the deeper reason why, though what the person did was wrong, however the result was right –
    Learn from Josef who his brothers sold him into slavery, yet he held no resentment, and in fact cared for them like his own children.
  3. We also must be proactive – again no words can emphasize this enough – reacting to life allows nothing to happen;
    and there will always be some miserable people who having lost love, but still desiring power will seek to dominate –
    and having no shame (believing that they are perceived as shameful in any event…) have, no, well, shame in how they achieve their goals –
    If you see a problem, FIX IT! –
    You are meant to be an activist –
    not a fighter, but a positive activist.

  4. Another important lesson from covd is, if you keep on watching the news, you keep on getting anxious – the news takes even a small problem and catastrophizes it –
    so now instead of maybe a tiny drop of worry, you have a full blown trauma –
    Shut It Off Now!!!

  5. Another covd lesson is that the politicization is going to destroy us –
    politicians are elected to better the county, not to rid the other party –
    There is no other way, but the Rebbe’s advice – desired by 66% of the world and America – namely, that we should have legislation based on the majority opinion –
    this should be achieved by
    firstly discovering the top concerns,

    secondly by creating solutions,
    thirdly by making sure the majority supports those solutions –

    In this way there will be peace, unity, and therefore safety, and therefore prosperity.
  6. Though this is very difficult to write, but as I assumed initially, the cost of shutting down countries and economies is worse – this is a fact – then the actual virus –
    Governments should never ever regulate (apart from what they are legally meant to – the absolute rule is, more Govt. intervention, the worse problems get.)
  7. In addition our children are being raped – as one nazi who realized many years later that he was wrong – he said, “Hitler raped the minds of the German youth” –
    a child by nature is innocent and pure –
    the insanity of the radical insanities, such as gay is marriage, man is woman,
    takes otherwise normal people, who can have healthy lives, and makes them abnormal.
  8. Economies are important – charity is too;
    in fact they complement each other –
    you don’t help the poor by destroying the rich,
    you help the poor by making money and giving to the poor.
  9. In addition you don’t help radical blacks by allowing them to loot –
    if we are not racists it means we believe all people are capable of controlling vile sadism theft and murder –
    law protects not only the innocent but also the perpetrator –
    establishing the notion of law, order, truth and justice is obviously necessary  –
    and the narrative: because hundreds of years ago there was slavery, therefore blacks who perhaps came from Africa later, or even then, have a right to pillage and plunder, is like saying ‘because my great grandfather had his watch stolen by yours, I can steal yours’. –
  10. Last but not least, the only one who is, can, and will save us is God.