Everything that is worth knowing, that I know

1 The first thing that we must know is the very basic structure of reality which is that in the beginning, it was only God.

2. God emanated 10 spheres in which He placed Divine energy – the first three spheres are the three intellectual capacities, of innovation, understanding and integration.

The next seven one can speak about for eternity, but very briefly speaking, are the emotions of desire/love/want, and it’s flip side namely fear, which also creates pain, which also creates protectionism – then there is a balanced emotion sometimes referred to as mercy/compassion, whereas the previous two are about me, the latter is about you – all emotions are the combinations of these three, which some of their ramifications are the desire to overcome obstacles to succeed, and it’s slip side which is to be sensitive in order to not incur a difficulty – and the balance emotion is sometimes called morality, which is when a person moves forward in life but in a sensitive and compassionate way – and the final emotion is humility or communication – Again there are literally thousands of books of the greatest Kabbalists describing these emotions.

3. Now God made universes – there are literally trillions of spiritual universes, generally within three – the highest is called Atzilus, the next is called Briah, and then there is Yetzira and the universe right above ours is a Asiyah.

4. A universe is a time space dimension, which is just like a screen, whereby an avatar which is a soul in a body – our bodies are made of earth, air, fire, water – but the heavenly bodies are made of air and fire – so it is a location where a consciousness can experience.

5. So our souls mirror God’s initial creation – namely we are both endowed with intellectual capacity, as well as emotional, in fact, exactly mirroring God’s.

6. Now if you make something there is obviously a reason why you make it – and there are only two possibilities, the first possibility is that you are humble and you have a sense of admiration and therefore you consider it in honor to give or you are somewhat selfish/arrogant, and you are seeking either to get or to self-protect.

7. It is obvious that God’s motives is not selfish or fear-based, rather it is from the deep humble admiration, for the souls that come into Earth!, and have to battle the fear of criticism – our greatest fear! and do what is good.

8. Ultimately this world is a place whereby we are able to independently seek and discover.

9. When circumstances are so prosperous and safe that we have the mental space to do so – what begins to happen is that at a certain point, to each individual that is sincere in their quest For Truth – a window to God opens up.

10. But what is fundamental to understand is that being that God is not a human – that created these human/spiritual tendencies… therefore the ultimate and infinite dynamic of life is not remaining with your initial high/discovery;
But continuing on an infinite cycle of both discovery and even more importantly the implementation, the sharing, the caring, the giving, the uplifting, and at times even the fighting for others.

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