The three ideas worth spreading TED

  1. In the beginning there was just LOVE
  2. LOVE of course Loved – so seeing who He Loved – You, Me and All His Prime Creations – all people – He decided to give us the most Loving possible gift:
  3. Each and every one of us would a. be allowed to Discover!
    b. would discover that truth is better than lies,
    peace is better than war,
    love is better than hate,
    safety is better than chaos,
    God is better than atheism,
    marriage is better than immorality,
    children are better than sterility –
    furthermore each and every one of us would both be similar and unique – similar in that we all must work to make the positive truth and loving-kindness a reality –
    different and unique in that each of us has a different and special – and often specialized role (for-example the great Kabbalist, the Arizal writes, that in Jewish souls – Jews generally are here to brighten the world with God’s light –
    there are the Master of Torah (Divine wisdom) and Masters of good deeds –
    Obviously men and women have unique complimentary but different strengths –
    men are by nature conquerors and women by nature home-nesters,
    nurturers, and uniquely gifted in compassion, patience and emotional intelligence
    (together they are a perfect complimentary match, worthy of bearing, rearing and raising children )
    Generally Gentiles are here to create a stable civilized society – in addition, the Creator revealed Himself – the only revelation witnessed by millions of people (those people – myself included) are the direct descendants of the people who saw it, and never in history were there less than 600,000 people of their descendants who testified to this occurrence – not to mention, celebrate yearly, say in Passover, and believed by the majority of the world.

    God also gave in his Holy Torah commandments / instructions on how to live: for a Jew there are 613 laws (see Miamonidies https://www.chabad.org/dailystudy/seferHamitzvos_cdo/jewish/Daily-Mitzvah.htm ) for a Gentile there are Seven – all of us, as mentioned are called by God – this calling, takes both a general and specific

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