Once upon a time, there was a simple wagon driver, – unbeknown to him, in the back of the wagon was a hidden Tzaddik – attacked they were along their journey by bandits – valiantly fighting the hooligans, they left – the Tzaddik was saved, but the driver died of his wounds – upon entering heaven, they wished to reward him – Heaven of-course is where we study the great secrets of the Torah and delight in the incredible wisdom, but to this simple wagon driver, this would be far from pleasure, in fact it would be pain – so they put him to this very day in a dream world, where he receives the best fares – And this world, where people who have no higher drives, Drive to foolish pursuits, are like the wagon driver – Yet those who seek to fulfill the Divine will, to expand the realm of goodness and kindness, they are like the truly righteous Souls, basking in Divinity

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