In life we can either be (if we are lucky ) focused on fulfilling our desires which includes love – we can be (if we are unfortunately in more difficult harsh environments) focused on physical or emotional survival – to do this, we develop a tough exterior (protecting our sensitive interior) we become hyper – vigilant – and provoked easily – as the anxious state doesn’t feel great (in fact, it’s like a constant torture – it is a horrific feeling, for anyone who’s ever been there…) we simultaneously feel jealousy over those who aren’t… – this is the reason for bullying, antisemitism, anti-west, in fact all antis… (whether big or small – the fundamental difference between an anti – is, an anti is not FOR – as Reb Menachem Mendel of Kotzk said – “the difference between someone ‘who loves truth or hates falsehood,’ or, ‘loves love, or hates hate,’ is the former finds truth and love, while the latter, finds hate and falsehood” – in other words, if a person is angry, their focus is destructive – groups such as this, called a gang, target others – in a subtle (but real way) this is the energy of communism, socialism = anti wealthy – anti Israel = anti Jews (a fancier way was invented in Germany called anti-semites, as if Jews are semites…) Last but not least, the most important way is to live a life based on higher ideals (“it aint about me – but what’s God’s will and humanities benefit”)

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