The five unquestionable truths – number one that everything as science tells us actually comes from consciousness – physical matter is a result of consciousness – consciousness is not a result of physical matter! As such there had to be a prime consciousness who decided to create our universe Number two: every single thought that a person has, is either a desire for affection called Love, or it is a physical biochemical addiction/reaction which could either be pleasure or protectionism – Because the first consciousness had no fear hence certainly Created All Of Us Out Of LOVE Number three, love as the Hebrew word Ahava, has in it Hav, causes us to give, and when you give, you try to make the other happy – Number four, the way we make someone happy is by giving them the opportunity to make their life meaningful – and Number five, eventually as they grow, we help them continuously grow, and we love this partnership of making the world together a better place

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