Mamer Rebbe # 21

Bayom Hashmimi 5740

The ultimate goal of God is that man with his effort should channel Divinity.

The world was created for Balie Teshuva, for the true pleasure God receives – as the nature of pleasure – is from something which is novel (as Tzaddikim are merely expressing the natural Godly spirit (to do the will of God) whereas the Bal Teshuva transforms Himself.)

Through Teshuva that comes from the depth of the heart, one transforms – for this reaches the depth of God.

When one does such a Teshuva all of one’s sins turn into merits.

These merits which are novel, are greater than the merits of a Tzaaddik.

As Moshiach comes as a result of Teshuva, therefore the Torah (and our understanding) of Moshiach, will be infinitely greater.    

Through Teshuva, the world which will be caused in the messianic dimension – will be greater both than the Garden of Eden and the Giving of the Torah.

On Shemeni Atzeres the energy that was first drawn down on Rosh Hashanah and Yom KIppur and internalized on Sukkois (especially through the Lulav and Esrog) completely become – this is why on that day a Jew becomes the Master of seder hishtlashulus (all of creation.)

The true reason –  as actually all comes from God – for sins, is that through Teshuva we transform them to merit.

Through dancing with the Torah on Simchas Torah we become literally one with God.

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