The top 10 things God wants from you

1. Be nice

2. Don’t get angry, as everything comes from God for a good reason, even if you don’t understand the reason.

3. Understand that reality is not random, we are in God’s game and the game is to do the good that we think we should.

4. Have extra compassion on those who are sensitive, like women and children, and those who feel vulnerable.

5. In order to overcome the insanity of the insane, whose delusions of grandeur are about promoting debased and narcissistic agendas, but it’s done in such a sophisticated and visually appealing way that the greatest Soul can fall for the garbage, you must dedicate every morning and every evening to the study of Torah, where you learn truth versus garbage.

7. In order to rouse your heart to a passionate love for God, which will create the desire to do His will, which is the only way to be normal and good, You must pray daily.

8. In every generation, God sends the soul of Moses, who is the only One that has a comprehensive understanding of the past, present, and future – in our generation it is the Rebbe, and those who follow His teachings follow Truth, Sanity and Love.

9. As the Rebbe says, we are right about to enter the complete Redemption – so the forces of stupidity and hate are trying to indoctrinate humanity, but the wise will live in Hope, in Faith, in Powerful conviction.

10. Nothing but nothing, but nothing, good, comes, without a lot of effort.

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