Rebbe Mamer # 20

Lihavin Inyan 5738

1. The idea of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkois, is achieving oneness.

2. Of-course the Sukkah – it says all Jews merit to sit in one Sukka! and the idea of Lulav and Esrog is we unite all types of Jews.

3. In order to create true Unity we must have Teshuva.

4. Because Teshuva touches the oneness of God, it creates Unity.

5. When a Jew does Teshuva, he becomes the owner of the entire Seder Hishtalshalus.

6. Because Teshuva touches the essence of God, where there is no higher or lower, for spiritual and physical are on the same plane, therefore it brings blessings to everything.

7. This inspiration that reaches the oneness must then translate into the details of a person’s life.

8. The goal of this is that in the details the oneness should be felt, and in all the days of the year it should be seen to be inspired from the oneness.

9. When we work from the essence of our soul, which is the essence of God, we imbue all of the details of our life with the essence.

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