Rebbe Mamer # 19

Ara Hareisa 5737

1. The reason Hakafois is a custom is that it is too great to be even mentioned in the Torah.

2. All Jews are like a circle – without a higher or lower.

3. God is in all places equally.

4. The reason God created a self-knowledge is so people could know Him.

5. When we recognize that both names of God (the higher) Haveyeh (the producer of infinity) and Eloikim (the producer of nature – finite) are actually interchangeable – for like a painter that can mix black and white… we realize the infinity of God.

6. The whole purpose of heaven is for earth, so we can make it into God’s abode.

7. By us comprehending God, we cause that God’s self-comprehension elevates (for example, when someone knows you, this increases your self-knowing.)

8. Through the Hakafois on Simchas Torah we elevate the entire Seder Hishtalshalus – as we know the feet are sourced higher than the head (for whatever comes highest goes lowest.)

9. In each and every Yid there is a spark of Moshiach’s and Moshe’s soul.

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