Rebbe Mamer # 16

Basukois Teishvu 5741

1. In the Beis Hamikdash there was the service of the Karbanois and the service of the Ketoires / incense – on Yom Kippur, the main service was the incense, which becomes the Schach of the Sukkah.

2. From their names Karbanois / Ketores we understand the service; namely the Karbanois comes from the word Karoiv, which is close, so we bring our talents to God – whereas Ketoires means connected.

3. The difference of-course is that close means you are still a separate entity.

4. The service of Karbanois generally speaking, is the service that follows logic which

5. The service of Ketoires is a connection that transcends logic.

6. The connection that transcends logic is not that “I feel great being connected,” rather that the only identity I have is my connection!, to the extent that one becomes one with God.

7. As the Zohar says, that one becomes one with the infinite light.

8. This is the difference between the inner and outer heart, represented by the Mizbeach of Karbanois which was on the outside, and the Mizbeach of Ketoires which was on the inside.

9. Every single creation of God continuously receives Divine Light for it to exist – the essence of it is only the Divine.

10. This is why though the world is a creation, at the same time there is nothing besides God.

11. The Ketoires had 11 spices, and unlike the outer Mizbeach, which only accepted kosher animals, it had the Mor spice which came from a non-kosher animal, and the lesson is that the unity of man with God has the capacity to transform evil to good.

12. The idea is that when a person is a separate entity one must be careful that their service of God does not induce ego, but when one is but God, then their service is pure.

13. This is also the connection of the Ketoires to Yom Kippur, because Yom Kippur is the service with Yechida which is the essence of the Soul, which is one with God.

14. This is the idea of Sukkois which we dwell within, namely we take the truth that our soul is God, and we implement this practically in our conscious self.

15. It is known that before this world, was a spiritual universe called the world of Tohu, that had incredibly infinite light, that was too great to be contained, and it shattered the containers which became the Sparks of physical matter, and the lower the matter the higher the source – as we know if you push a building over the highest floor will fall the furthest from the source – and therefore specifically through the soul coming into the body, and specifically in the last generation before Moshiach, when we work on the lowest, since we transform the greatest source, fallen into the greatest darkness, into the infinite light that will shine for eternity.

16. This is why the main Teshuva is on Yom Kippur, because when we access the part that is one with God, we then have the extraordinary power of transforming sins to merits.

17. On Sukkois through sitting in the Sukkah, and shaking the Lulav and Esrog we draw down the infinity of our oneness with God into our practical reality, and lives; which is a pure preparation for the infinite joy that will ensue in the speedy arrival of Moshiach Tzidkeinu.

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