Mamer Rebbe # 18

Torah Tziva 5723

1. The Torah that Moses commanded us, is an inheritance to the congregation of Jacob.

2. The Torah is an inheritance to every single Jew.

3. In Torah there are two aspects – a. That it is the wisdom of God – and the Torah as it descends to elevate the physical.

4. This begins with rectification of the mind, that it becomes enveloped in Holiness.

5. Yaakov is the soul as it’s in the body, and Yisroel is the source of the soul.

6. In Torah study there are levels – the first is, it rectifies (elevates and fixes us and the world) the second is that it draws down Godliness.

7. In Simchas Torah, our joy of dancing with the Torah brings pure joy, to study throughout the year.