Mamer Rebbe # 15

Bisukois Teishvu

“In Sukkois You Shall Dwell Every Member Of The Jewish People for seven days, in order that the future generations will know that in Sukkois I settled the Jewish people when I took them out of Egypt.”

It is known that Sukkah relates to peace.

We can understand that sitting together in the Sukkah causes peace, however there are another two Mitzvos we do on Sukkois, namely we shake the Lulav and Esrog and we offer (in the Temple times, and today though saying the Torah passages about) 70 Bulls, as sacrifices for the nations of the world – How do they relate to peace?

The basic explanation to the above question is answered by understanding that the Sukkah encompasses – the encompassing level is what is called a Makif – like having an understanding that something is there, but beyond (like God.)

It states “In the Concealment For The Day Of Our Festival” This means, all Makif – the Divine energies that were Makif – brought about on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur – on Sukkois become revealed.

For example the aura of the Shofars sound becomes the Schach.

The peace in the Sukkah is similar to the Peace in the Teiva (Noah’s Ark) which is similar to the peace of when Moshiach comes.

Now the reason Sukkah brings peace is because the Sukkah brings Daas – intelligence (for unintelligent – or emotion driven people – like little children can’t handle not getting their way – of-course this is the great goal (namely that the intelligence should drive the emotions, not the reverse.)  

Now the goal of the drawing down the Makif is that it should become internalized.

This is the reason we shake the Lulav and Esrog – to internalize the Daas.

In order for us to have this power, God begins (the process.)