Rebbe Mamer # 14

Kinesher Yair Kinoi

“As an eagle awakens its nest, hovering over its fledglings, it spreads its wings, taking them and carrying them on its pinions.”

It is known the explanation of the Rebbe Maharash that Eagle is by nature compassionate.

And the verse is relating to God, telling us He is abundant in compassion.

When we do Mitzvos we cause as God teaches, a reciprocal action to the extent God says, “it is as if you have made me.”

The eagle represents the middle column the column of Yaakov (Tifferes.)

The highest heights are connected to the lowest depths (for as the infinite is unlimited…)

The central column, though it travels from the highest to the lowest, remains (pristine – unlike the light of the right and left side (chessed, gevurah, netzach hod) that the more distant they travel, the less their intensity.)

Because God is found below, therefore the power of Teshuva can transform (sins to merits.)

The power of Teshuvah is it manifests below the infinite God.

Through Teshuva we reach beyond the level of Torah and Mitzvos to the place where but God and the Jews are.