You know something is true when it doesn’t change and there are only five facts

1. The first fact is the existence that predates all existence; that is the cause of all existence -which of course is the Creator.

2. The second fact is, as the primary book or foundational book of Kabbalah, written by Abraham, called Sefer Yetzira, says, everything exists, the spiritual to the physical universe, in a time / space dimension in which there are souls.

3. The entire purpose of creation is as the primordial desire – evoked from foreseeing man – and the desire from love, to bestow.

4. This desire to bestow resulted in five facts:

A. That we have the perception/free choice.

B. By choosing good over bad, we will feel proud of ourselves.

C. After thousands of years of good people doing good, such as following God’s commands / helping one another, this cosmically brought, the infinity of God, what we would call the Messianic dimension to our world.

D. As in the dimension of infinity, there are no possibilities of anything not possible, therefore the Divine voice guides those who seek.

E 5 Eventually a new miraculous dimension in which we will visually see Divinity, the Third Holy Temple, and miraculous return of Jews, the resurrection of the good dead – will soon occur.

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