The 10 systems to create systemic

1. The first is to be sane

2. Sanity as defined by the sane Dutch (whose National motto is: “we need to be sane”) “knowing that the other exists”

3. Of-course to be sane one must go beyond (insanity / stupidity)

4. To go beyond insanity, one must use sanity (wisdom)

5. As all human Wisdom is inherently biased (not towards objective but subjective desires) so to know truth one must be able to access

6. The way to access sacred infinite truth is through a. Studying God’s truth found both in Halacha (Jewish law) as well as in Jewish mysticism b. Through never undertaking any endeavor without first consulting a Rabbi schooled in both (as our minds, as mentioned, are biased) c. One can additionally ask God and the first thought subsequent is His reply

7. Furthermore as studies show, one must be married (otherwise a person thinks the world is about themselves)

8. Part of living a sane life is understanding that
a. As everything comes from God therefore it 1. Is Good, 2. God is always communicating, hence for example is your see something that needs help that was show to you so you should; c. As God is infinite, whatever you know is but the tiniest fraction of infinite wisdom

9. Whatever occurs is also a growth message

10. Last but not least, holding onto resentment, is like taking poison and waiting for the other to die

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