The 10 super

1 Everything is made of a body / outer, and soul / inner

2. The body of God is what we see… (the universe – Torah etc.) The soul, is both, God, His Will, and how it manifests

3. It was the will of our Loving Father to give us the opportunity to bring Moshiach

4. Moshiach is àn enlightened perfect harmonious and infinite world

5. Each time a Jew does a mitzvah they manifest within the finite, some of the infinite

6. Now having crisscrossed the globe and fulfilled, literally in all countries, the will of God, therefore the infinite is here

7. Practically this means that you can, like your great ancestors access a Divine GPS

8. A practical way to begin this process is you can ask God anything and the first thought that comes to your mind is His reply

9. Because God is infinite, we will ALWAYS learn more.

10 Last but not least, you must.