You know something is true when it doesn’t change and there are only five facts

1. The first fact is the existence that predates all existence; that is the cause of all existence -which of course is the Creator.

2. The second fact is, as the primary book or foundational book of Kabbalah, written by Abraham, called Sefer Yetzira, says, everything exists, the spiritual to the physical universe, in a time / space dimension in which there are souls.

3. The entire purpose of creation is as the primordial desire – evoked from foreseeing man – and the desire from love, to bestow.

4. This desire to bestow resulted in five facts:

A. That we have the perception/free choice.

B. By choosing good over bad, we will feel proud of ourselves.

C. After thousands of years of good people doing good, such as following God’s commands / helping one another, this cosmically brought, the infinity of God, what we would call the Messianic dimension to our world.

D. As in the dimension of infinity, there are no possibilities of anything not possible, therefore the Divine voice guides those who seek.

E 5 Eventually a new miraculous dimension in which we will visually see Divinity, the Third Holy Temple, and miraculous return of Jews, the resurrection of the good dead – will soon occur.


Rebbe Mamer # 13

1. The measure of Teshuva is if God has become your personal…

2. There are two levels in Teshuva – the first is staying away from evil and doing good – the second is achieving the level of God being your personal.

3. Moshiach comes from Peretz as he will be Poiretz – overcome all limitations.

4. As Teshuva is a Mitzvah, it applies even to Tzaddikim.

5. The higher level of Teshuva is realizing that intrinsically one’s Divine soul is just that.

6. The Maagid teaches that Teshuva for a Tzaadik can be – because to a Tzaddik – even a thought which is about foolishness can have a greater negative impact than even the negative actions of a lesser person.

7. Another Teshuva for a Tzaadik is as “Before a King one who gestulates with his hand” is guilty – as this symbolizes that he has not made themselves to the king completely subservient.

8. The way to rectify this situation is through realizing that all Infinitely comes from God.

9. The verse states ” stay from evil away – do good – seek peace and pursue it”

The first (stay from evil away) refers to stop sinning.

Do good – refers to increasing one’s love and fear of God.

Seek peace – refers to study/ understand Torah.

10. For Teshuva to be good one must study Chassidus.

11. Chassidus connects the inner Jew to the essence of God.


The 10 systems to live a happy meaningful life

1. First and foremost get over all resentment / anger

2. You do this by realizing that life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you.

3. The second is to realize, you are not here like a 🐕, for your pleasure, rather you’re here for your soul/God’s pleasure, which is increasing Light, Love, Hope, Joy, Torah and Mitzvos.

4. It is also important to be in positive relationships.


The 10 systems to create systemic

1. The first is to be sane

2. Sanity as defined by the sane Dutch (whose National motto is: “we need to be sane”) “knowing that the other exists”

3. Of-course to be sane one must go beyond (insanity / stupidity)

4. To go beyond insanity, one must use sanity (wisdom)

5. As all human Wisdom is inherently biased (not towards objective but subjective desires) so to know truth one must be able to access

6. The way to access sacred infinite truth is through a. Studying God’s truth found both in Halacha (Jewish law) as well as in Jewish mysticism b. Through never undertaking any endeavor without first consulting a Rabbi schooled in both (as our minds, as mentioned, are biased) c. One can additionally ask God and the first thought subsequent is His reply

7. Furthermore as studies show, one must be married (otherwise a person thinks the world is about themselves)

8. Part of living a sane life is understanding that
a. As everything comes from God therefore it 1. Is Good, 2. God is always communicating, hence for example is your see something that needs help that was show to you so you should; c. As God is infinite, whatever you know is but the tiniest fraction of infinite wisdom

9. Whatever occurs is also a growth message

10. Last but not least, holding onto resentment, is like taking poison and waiting for the other to die