Rebbe Mamer # 12

Shuva 5737

1. “Return Jews until (till) God your Lord.”

2. Comments the Alter Rebbe – return until HavYeh (the higher level of Godliness) is your personal Lord.

3. Another explanation is reaching the level beyond levels.

4. Another explanation is that God should be your energy.

5. By touching the essence of God, where sins don’t matter, therefore on Yom Kippur, all sins are forgiven.

6. When we realize that God’s Essence is our essence, this essence permeates all aspects of our being.

7. It if known that the Ari Zal would say Vidui, enumerating the numerous sins – though of-course he didn’t have them, for as he was a source soul, therefore he could feel the sin of all Jews, and by rectifying the pain that it caused within him, he also was able to rectify the sin itself.

8. The main benefit of Teshuva, is it increases the fervor of one’s commitment to Torah and Mitzvos.

9. This fulfills the purpose of the world, which is to give God a dwelling below, for this occurs through Torah and Mitzvos, but specifically Torah and Mitzvos with the passion of a Baal Teshuva.

10. And because of this God gives abundant blessings, in health, wealth, and Nachas.


Rebbe Mamer # 11

1. The general idea of Teshuva is to leap beyond.

2. To leap beyond the limitation and order of Creation..

3. This is why Teshuva can be accomplished in a moment.

4. As Teshuva turns sins to merits, therefore a completely wicked person can but in a moment, become even greater than a complete Tzaddik.

5. Teshuva not only affects the past, but it affects the way we live and our Torah and Mitzvos in the future.

6. As a Jew is connected to God, therefore the capacity for Teshuva.

7. This awesome transformation goes not only to one’s higher faculties, but even heel.

8. As the reward of God is infinite, so beyond heaven in which the soul continuously ascends – is receiving the essence of God, the day of complete Shabbos.