The five stages of reality

1 creation – creation is far more than physical, it is psychological, we are nothing but the images of ourselves which necessitated the perception of independence

2. chaos – man devolves into an ego driven, dog-eat-dog world

3. Order – in order to self-protect, civilization – a centralized authority that creates law and order evolves

4. Fundamentally as this order was in order to self-protect, it is selfish; as such the kings, and citizens, create conquest – as all of history demonstrated

5. Spiritualty – eventually after bleeding (in our case two world wars 100,000,000 dead, communism another 50,000,000 etc. terrorism, the bleeding of Islamic infighting etc.) people realize “peace is smarter”, but once again as this is selfishly driven- once peace is established libidic drives (hence the left sexual insane predilections) manifest, but simultaneously for those souls who seek meaning and truth – which inherently is everyone – a deep personal relationship with truth, God, people, emerges

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