Mamer Rebbe # 10 On Yom Kippur

Vchol Adam

When the Cohen Gadol entered the Holy of Holies, it states, “no man came in with him when he confessed to God” – no man refers to the angels whose appearance is like the appearance of man (very lofty holy beings) however Yom Kippur in which the essence of God is revealed, and as the essence of God’s will for creation was solely for the Jewish souls, therefore when this essence is revealed, the only intimate partner is the Jewish soul – this is why the gates of heaven / Neilah are closed… means, that at that time – but God and the Jewish people are alone – of course this is why Yom Kippur offers repentance – for at the level of intimate union there is no thought of anything but the delight in the other (and sins matters not.)

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