I just passed by a branch and as it was bent, the leaves leading up to the bend were green and healthy – and after the bend they were Brown and dried out, and it made me realize, only the Jew or anyone, connected to our soul-source, God and the Torah, and our mission – Lives

As is obvious, but not so much… there are three realities: there is the physical laws, time, space, interactions… there are the spirit laws: Heaven, as matter is created from Divine energy etc. and then there is the purpose, and the Divine guidance, and the human wisdom to do the right thing that is the reason behind it all

One of the greatest statements, in fact the opening statement of Pirkei Avos, Ethics of Our Fathers, is that the world exists for three reasons, the study of Torah, prayer, and good deeds – and just as this always has been true, this always is and will be true! so don’t distract yourself from the only reason you and everything exist

Quantum physics proves that it is not matter that creates consciousness, which is obvious… rather it is consciousness, and specifically the infinite consciousness of the Creator that creates not only matter in the past, for as matter is the outcome of consciousness, much like your thoughts are the outcome of your soul, and without your soul you have no thoughts – this means that we are Infinitely Within The Consciousness of God, and if that doesn’t make you feel loved, what will