Thank God I just received an incredible truth which the ramifications are so deep that I could speak for hours, perhaps days, yet I’ll boil it down to it’s practical application – and that is there are only three ways of looking at life – the first is, the naive child who because his or her experience is good, thinks that life is good, it’s sweet yet it is untrue – the second is the exact reverse, as our circumstance or our anxiety over future recurring bullying, or some sort of fear causes us a constant dread, therefore our sense of reality is negative, and that in turn cascades upon itself until we build a model of reality which game theory calls a zero-sum game – in other words “it’s us against them” and we feel that there is no hope but to survive through fighting – as the Arab statement “I against my brother; my brother and I against my father; my father and I against our cousin; and my cousin and I against the whole world” – or we come to the Happy truth, which is that this world is God’s video game – and if you listen to His constant guidance, you will, irrespective of everything that happens around you, Be A Happy, Accomplished, Spiritually and Physically Fulfilled, Human Being

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