The only reality that we need to integrate and as a quantum physics professor who truly understood physics explaining Heisenberg’s principle of uncertainty – that reality is a function of our consciousness, and if that is the case, if we could change our consciousness, we could change reality – yet because our consciousness assumes that it already understands reality and we do not wish to be wrong, therefore instead of allowing the infinity of God to bestow upon us infinite blessings, we limit ourselves in the little bubble that we think is the best that we can get


Rebbe Mamer #6

Zeh Hayom – Erev Rosh Hashanah 5742

The reason for the existence of all things is so that they can reveal the glory of God.

The day of the creation of man is the beginning of the completion of Creation.

Because our service of God can change the past, when man today, like Adam when he was created, serves God – we go back in time and make everything Godly.

The meaning of Crowning God as King on Rosh Hashana is that we undertake and request His guidance.

The goal is not only to reveal our Essence – our soul which with God is one – but that, that essence in all aspects, should permeate (imbue.)