Rebbe Mamer Quotes # 3

Ubiyoim Simchaschem

  1. “On the day of your rejoicing and your festivals and on the new months you should blow the trumpets etc. and it should be for you a remembrance before Your G-d – and I G-d am your L-rd.”

2. From this verse the Medrash teaches that we need to have on Rosh Hashanah Malchiyuis (verses about G-d’s kingship) Zichroinois (verses about remembering) and Shofar.

3. Kingship, in order to have G-d decide to be our King – remembering, in order that we should be remembered by G-d, and Shofar refers to its blowing.

4. A person needs to remove all of their desires.

5. This includes spiritual.

6. By dissociating from any ego (the cause of desires) we connect to the simple essence of God.

7. The Shofar is curved (bent) for the more we bend our will (iskafiya and ishapcha) to G-d, the better.

8. Through removing one’s desires and bending ones will to G-d on Rosh Hashana we elicit a new infinite light that radiates (and rebuilds) all the the universes.

9. G-d and the Jewish people are two halves.

10. The reason the service of the Jewish people in the Beis Hamikdosh effected the entire world is because they are G-d’s other half.  

11. The meaning that G-d and the Jews are two halves is that it is known that we have within us two souls – the higher level is literally God, and the lower level is as God animates our conscious.

12. On Rosh Hashana we need to take both parts of our soul and give them to God.

13. Through connecting these two parts of our soul (the head and feet – higher and lower) we connect God and the universe.  

14. Through giving the parts to God, they become with Him one.

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