There is an Israeli psychologist who has become quite famous for his work with children, and his essential theory which corresponds pretty much to what I will say… so effectively we know from Kabbalah that the world of evil mirrors the world of good – just as in good which is unity there is love – so too there is a desire for supremacy – but what is quite amazing and this is something Reb Menachem Mendel of Kotzk says, that when a person’s sense of being loved falls away – so the natural tendency to forgo your ego in order to be friendly is perceived to not work in any event… – hence the innate viciousness of the desire for supremacy, which is what motivates bullies and all supremacist movements (white, black or anything in-between) manifests – and ultimately our goal in life is to use ego to overcome our, or anyone’s innate evil, for the betterment of humanity

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