the bottom line, is this coronavirus thing has really done what it says in the prophecy of Daniel: before Moshiach comes it will become clear – for to large extent what it did, is it just increase the basic tendencies both of individuals and countries

Just as life is made up of sentences and sentences always contain an object and a description so too – and this is the most important thing that you will ever read – every single thing that we know, of, including God, including ourselves, not only is a noun, it is also a adjective

Just as if two colors, say black and white on a single canvas – which literally can create any image – will only be beautiful when they both understand that they are complementary – so too, life, and especially marriage

One of the reasons our mind basically is wisest when we understand that we don’t – for the structure of reality like heartbeats, is not something that you can say, “I understand,” because it’s like saying “oh my heart beat once, and my blood flowed… and therefore I live!” – life is a constant oxygenation process! and the true oxygen for the soul is greater and greater and greater, and greater ad-infinitum, inspiration