Mamer Rebbe Quotes 1

Yivchar Lonu Es Nachaloseinue

  1. In ever Jewish heart there is the Pinitteleh Yid, the Divine soul which is our personal Beis Hamikdosh.
  2. The creation of the world happens from the level of Malchus (of Atzilus) every Rosh Hashanah, Malchus disappears and a new order from Hashem for the rebuilding of Malchus, providing life for the next year happens.
  3. When we blow the Shofar we inspire God to provide the building of Malchus for the upcoming year.
  4. The lower something descends – in this case, God to the creation of even stone – it is because it comes from so high (like the more someone understands something, the better he can explain it – even to a child.)
  5. The main idea of Rosh Hashana is these two concepts – The first, it is the day man was created and His creation annually is renewed – and because man is the entire purpose of creation therefore every Rosh Hashana, the entire universe is renewed.
  6. On Rosh Hashanaa like the cry of the Shofar which goes from a narrow to large (opening,) as the essence of the Jew is Hashem, we cry for our essence, and this draws reciprocally.
  7. By understanding that the essence of our soul is God – for all must be sourced – and it was for our soul’s below that the entire original thought / desire for Creation began (hence caused..) we reveal.
  8. God desired that through our blowing the Shofar, and mainly through the spiritual awakening – our depth of attachment to our source it will evoke – In return His essence will marry.    
  9. The main goal of Dirah Bitachtoinim will be in the Third Beis Hamikdosh.
  10. Three things happen through blowing the Shofar #1 its Mitzvah which is Teshuva – #2 The inner humility of the soul #3 It acts as the catalyst to renew God’s Vows.
  11. The Rachamim / compassionate giving that is evoked through our blowing the Shofar is infinite N for every Jew.

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