The verse says – “From my own self I will understand God” – because certain things which may be exceptionally difficult to others – may be not only easy but natural… so for example, for some people to innovate may be difficult, but if I may use myself as an example, I could write a book in a day, and I’ve written over 70,000 blogs and I have no ego from it, though some pride – because it just is almost instantaneous – and this is something that Einstein spoke about, that he was embarrassed by the accolades that people gave him for the equations.. – as I read in his book “Out of my later years” for example, the equations that led to the most well-known equation in the world “E=MC2” was simply a page-and-a-half of math! which was obvious – almost like you thinking 1+1=2 … you would never take credit… – and if we extrapolate on God, because God is Infinite… – He can’t take any credit, though perhaps some pride in all of creation – the thing that matters most to Him, is when we, because our challenges that are – even though mostly in our mind – but so difficult to overcome… and, We Rise Above Our Fear, And We Do The Best We Can

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