The Baal Shem Tov teaches that Moshiach – the soul of Moshiach is in each one of us – and when we develop that personally – like each one of us say lighting a light * and each person did! so the world would be filled with light 🕯️🕯️and I had an amazing experience – once as I was sort of randomly driving through California and I stopped off at a beach and I took a walk on the boardwalk which jutted out to the ocean and the voice of God said to me “you will see the Moshiach” and of course voices… you know… and I walk down, and as I was at the end… I saw a bunch of pretty much homeless fisherman or pretty poor fisherman and they were busy collecting crabs – but there was one gentleman there, you could tell he was very simple, he was holding just the leg of a crab, and he was looking to sell it for a dollar, and here’s the thing, I heard him saying to himself that “these people are family people – I should really sell it for less..”. The soul of Moshiach, is the compassion in your soul, Reveal it and bring Redemption to the Universe