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We all seek peace and unity – here is how

You see, I just realized – like Eureka – something extraordinary

I have a very wise sister who says “our strengths are our weaknesses.”

What does she mean?

Say I am very smart – you may think that is a strength and it may be – but it is also a weakness.

As King Solomon – purportedly the wisest person who lived said – “wise people don’t have bread” (for the quality of a businessman is not intelligence (which is obvious) rather aggressiveness.)

Now the aggressive person also lacks – to a large degree – intelligence.

Not that the wise person can’t be aggressive, nor the aggressive person cannot be intelligent, but just like either water is hot or cold, and they both have a benefit, but while it is hot it ain’t cold and vice versa.

So that got me thinking…

Why couldn’t the infinitely kind Lord bestow upon us, all qualities?? – He has them all simultaneously.

The answer is the purpose of this world is not to be great – hat is spsusl

Rather the purpose of this world is for love and unity.

Now just like a rainbow is beautiful precisely because each color adds to the color.

Similarly by each of us having a unique gift – generally men are more assertive and women more refined – Jews intellectual, gentiles create civilization etc. etc. – we compliment.

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