Extraordinary – the Prophetic words (from two years ago) from The Rebbe of Kretshnif!!!!


These are the Torah words that were said two years ago and were published after being said on Parshas Mikeitz 5778 (2018)

“This is the meaning that Mikeitz refers to the end of days – at the final stage before Moshaich… – when the Torah says “Vayehi” it means a tragedy – this means that at this time there will be unfortunately a tragedy which is the war of Gog and Magog – now what do you think… – when God wishes to wage war – He has no need for planes or rockets – he needs not the Iranians or anyone… – the verse says “Pharaoh Dreamed” – Pharaoh hints to the Shechina (God) as it states “Pharouh Aharon” from the word revelation – a dream refers to something that has no substance at all.

And this is the meaning that Pharaoh dreamed – that G-d will bring something to the world which is like a dream, that has no substance and one cannot even see it – for example God can bring a small virus and spread it over the whole world and this will change and confuse the whole world from one side to the other  – through a dream… – and even though we have lots of technology, none will help, and all the nations of the world will be in a situation of dreamlike.

And this will occur in the end of days – not through a war or force or sophistication, not through the Iranians, not though the Syrians etc. but God-Himself will fight the war of Gog and Magog!

“False is the horse as salvation, and with great armies one cannot win” only one thing, “The eye of God is upon those who await his salvation and grace to save them from death, and provide in a hunger… – Our soul longs for God, our savoir and redeemer etc.”

And through the fact that Jews turn and draw close to God they will be saved and Moshiach will come!

And the Rebbe concluded.

“May God protect and keep us, and may God protect the entire nation of Israel from all difficulties and all issues and all illnesses and just as we left Egypt He will once again show us great miracles – a complete universal redemption speedily in our days AMEN!”  


Eureka – well running naked, I shan’t

But truly when God in his kindness unravels the mystery of humanity, the mystery of Good and evil, it truly is an aha moment!

You see it occurred to me the problem with our secular approach

All of it – for example, the very essence of the “enlightenment,” reform etc. boils down to living an uncommitted life.

Whereas the “restrictions” of Judaism may seem like a commitment

In fact, there is a book by Esther Jungeries (I believe) called “The Committed Life.”

Far from shackling man – as Margaret Thatcher so eloquently put it, a person without religion is a slave to their passions. Like an unbridled wild horse with no direction – as we see in the secular world – every fanciful whim or insanity, sweep like a Tzunami until (say communism etc.) it ravishes hundreds of millions – for a committed life, a life in which you are willing to live and die for that which is true and holy, the word of God, Torah and Mitzvos, goodness and kindness IS A LIFE!