Eureka – well running naked, I shan’t

But truly when God in his kindness unravels the mystery of humanity, the mystery of Good and evil, it truly is an aha moment!

You see it occurred to me the problem with our secular approach

All of it – for example, the very essence of the “enlightenment,” reform etc. boils down to living an uncommitted life.

Whereas the “restrictions” of Judaism may seem like a commitment

In fact, there is a book by Esther Jungeries (I believe) called “The Committed Life.”

Far from shackling man – as Margaret Thatcher so eloquently put it, a person without religion is a slave to their passions. Like an unbridled wild horse with no direction – as we see in the secular world – every fanciful whim or insanity, sweep like a Tzunami until (say communism etc.) it ravishes hundreds of millions – for a committed life, a life in which you are willing to live and die for that which is true and holy, the word of God, Torah and Mitzvos, goodness and kindness IS A LIFE!

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