one of the deepest truths that exists… let’s begin with the fact that you did not design yourself – you did not choose your birth, the millions, if not billions, if not trillions of circumstances that affect you and create the universe that you’re in, are not things that you ever have or will choose – so rational observation is, that the circumstances CHOSE You! and the mission is to DO Goodness and Kindness – We Don’t Need To Become Superman, We Just Need To Become Nice To The People And The Events That God Puts In Front Of Us – To Heal, Help, And Assist


We all seek peace and unity – here is how

You see, I just realized – like Eureka – something extraordinary

I have a very wise sister who says “our strengths are our weaknesses.”

What does she mean?

Say I am very smart – you may think that is a strength and it may be – but it is also a weakness.

As King Solomon – purportedly the wisest person who lived said – “wise people don’t have bread” (for the quality of a businessman is not intelligence (which is obvious) rather aggressiveness.)

Now the aggressive person also lacks – to a large degree – intelligence.

Not that the wise person can’t be aggressive, nor the aggressive person cannot be intelligent, but just like either water is hot or cold, and they both have a benefit, but while it is hot it ain’t cold and vice versa.

So that got me thinking…

Why couldn’t the infinitely kind Lord bestow upon us, all qualities?? – He has them all simultaneously.

The answer is the purpose of this world is not to be great – hat is spsusl

Rather the purpose of this world is for love and unity.

Now just like a rainbow is beautiful precisely because each color adds to the color.

Similarly by each of us having a unique gift – generally men are more assertive and women more refined – Jews intellectual, gentiles create civilization etc. etc. – we compliment.