What if there was one idea that will change your life forever – listen carefully, and then tell me if it has… within the very core of each person lives an idea that we exist – once we establish the idea that we exist (which by the way is an extraordinary! feat of creation) the next question is “Am I good??” – now we will invariably decide if that is or isn’t the case based on the information that was presented to us – for example a child who is loved will obviously feel lovable – there are unfortunately certain children that their parents resented their birth for whatever reason and they have a fundamental belief that they are a burden – now let us start off with the idea that you were loved and you do believe that your existence is good – very often in life, someone who themselves is suffering from shame… in other words, the belief that they are bad… becomes jealous – (in fact this is the basis of bullying, of anti-Semitism…) of your belief that You’re Good! and therefore jealousy creates a desire to make you believe that you’re bad – and the desire which controls the mind – like an addict, creates imaginative scenarios of how bad you are😂 now two things can happen, the first is you can accept that what they said is true, and walk around with the problem that they have – or you can understand a very very deep concept which is that the original concept you have of yourself, after all was childish… and in order to have a true concept, God had you erase the childish concept through someone who themselves was suffering… and now you can restart the truth