if you wish to know truth vs. fiction – the stupidest thing you can do is look at what people are saying, for whatever they say will be an attempt to corroborate what they believe, rather you must look at the foundational premises – for example, a building, that is leaning like the leaning tower of Pisa, the only way you’re going to get that straight, is if you go to the very foundation – so let us analyze the fundamental, even though there are millions, certainly if we include history… – but the strongest foundational premises that influence the largest groups of people… and we will see automatically truth vs. fiction – so it is fair to say, that the largest group of people are actually Catholics, and if we put it into a broader group as Christianity, which includes over 2 billion people, the basic premise is ironically quite Jewish, namely the idea that there is a God, that He rewards and punishes, obviously there are many subcategories to the different groups – the next largest group is Islam, claiming 1.4 million adherents, and again ironically the premise is somewhat Jewish, and that the idea is there is a God, there is reward and punishment – the fundamental difference between Christianity and Islam, is whereas Christianity does not have a built-in anti anyone… the Islamic faith which came about 1,500 years after Judaism, and about 600 years after Christianity, needed to justify itself – and hence firstly has as a fundamental tenant – not only its five pillars which relate primarily to faith and charity however it also contains – a powerful goal to take over the world, and He promised that anyone who emigrates in this vein, hence the tremendous Islamic immigration, as well as anyone who dies – and NOW even worse, this has been interpreted as anyone who straps a bomb and dies while he KILLS anyone else, this merits them Heaven😭 the next large group of people are Hindus, and I cannot speak much about them, because I don’t have a good grasp – the next large group of people are Buddhist, and again there are many subdivisions, ironically this may stem from the Jewish mysticism route, as many ideas – though to be fair they do not have it correct, though there are certainly certain mystical ideas that makes sense – generally speaking, it’s based on a premise, which again is incorrect, that all people suffer, and the way to overcome suffering is to not desire – the final and perhaps anyway smallest group, but highly accurate when you go to the core, are not only Jews, but Jewish mysticism which of-course is coupled with Jewish law, and the essence is, in fact the essence of God, namely that God foresaw through love, our selves, and desired to bestow, and hence gives mind free intellectual space, and when man desires truth, then the Divine begins to shine