The Baal Shem Tov on Parshas Vayietzie –

Learn from the Yetzer Hara – look how alert He is to do his mission from Hashem

This weeks Parsha speaks about the laws of a captive woman – the spiritual meaning is that the Shechina (God’s presence) is captive (as He places Himself within this world) and when we turn to Him we release the Shechina.

All the lustful and egotistical thoughts that come to man descend from a lofty heights (for in essence thoughts are letters, letters are sounds, sounds are the “vibrations” that G-d uses as source code) its only that they have descended into coarse (vulgar) materialism – but they long to be reunited with their source, which happens when we use our thoughts and words (as they are made up of the same letters /sounds) for Hashem (Torah, prayer etc.)

Everything below comes from above – our desires – and desire is within everyone and all creatures (which is makes us, well desire – whatever we do…) comes from the loftiest heights of Divine desire – butt it descends – hence when a person rids themselves of the attraction to the material and instead is attracted to the positive (the purpose) then this reconnects (the desire below to the desire above.)   

When a man spills semen the satan, the first time removes his lower level of Divine soul (from influencing him) the second time the second level, the third time (effectively) removes his brain – now the person is incapable of accepting wisdom (its interesting psychologists say that men can only be rational when not seeking sex) however if a person repents, returns..

When a person comes G-d forbid to sin – they forget (momentarily) on their Creator.

If we would only realize – there can be nothing, even say pork which is not constantly being Created by God – then, as we remember God, we wouldn’t sin.

When a person says Shema at night with concentration (thinking the explanation of the words) this causes the death of the negative (demons) that he causes through wasting seed.

The closer man gets to G-d the more the Yetzer Hara – like a wrestler afraid of losing a race – opppses.

A great way to atone for the sin of wasting semen is to give lots of charity and to cry.

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