Spread it until everyone gets it! – there is a saying: “fool me once, shame on you! fool me twice, shame on me” – when stupid ideas, that cause hundreds of millions of people to die, and were discarded because they were insane hence unsustainable (for after all – all the effort it takes to tell other people to follow you, is, to a. be a narcissist (who cannot see any fault in oneself) and b. have a mouth) lets go through the list, if you would like to prevent the same thing that happened to the people who did this before you, to not happen to you or those you love?!!!…. – Why not be open to the fact, that as all of human history (including much of the present) has proven, people do stupid things mainly because they – as in the Emperor’s clothing – are afraid of being different – but at what price?!! – and in a time of FREEDOM??! – Let’s start with the stupidest idea ever – anti-capitalism – the greatest “genius” who thought of how to rid the world of the “evil,” of rich and poor, was Karl Marx – the Russian people (or more particularly after killing three million people, the people who thought this idea was great) imposed this way of life on hundreds of millions of people – if you haven’t read “Animal-Farm” (which describes it perfectly) they murdered in total 148 million people!!!! – note, these were their own citizens! – as the only way one can keep stupidity alive is through fear – The flip side is countries that have capitalism are far nicer!!!!!!! (and even if there is a bit of injustice, please do the comparison)

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